Hi, welcome to PARIMAK WORKS, the informational and portfolio website of Dylan “Parimak” Simpson, an artist from Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Dylan, apart from liking to talk about himself in the third person as if this were a Wikipedia article, has made art and animation his main career focus since he could hold a pencil, and loves making art like illustrations, music, or voiceover work for his clients. However, he strives to not only land some sweet industry gig at some point, but also is extremely passionate about bringing his own stories and characters to the world via art and animation as well.

It doesn’t stop there, in his mission to be a pretentious all-in-one studio person, he also formed a passion in music composing and voice-over work. “Sky’s the limit if I don’t have to pay anyone else to do these things for me, it’s better I just learn how to do it all.” He muttered to himself while crying miserably over his empty wallet one day, and since then, he has remained steadfast in his pursuit to be a one man multi-media-production powerhouse.

And now, he’s leveled up as a game developer, seeking a job in the development field to help produce amazing games that will be loved by all!

Please hire him.